Ledger Nano X

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Ledger has just announced that they will be unable to supply the Nano X at the current time. Shipping is expected to recommence sometime in March 2021. Customers are welcome to pre-order the device and will be notified as soon as it is available, along with those who have purchased. We apologize in advance for the delay and inconvenience.

Start your crypto journey with the Ledger Nano X "The next level hardware wallet"

The Ledger Nano X is our newest addition to our collection of highly secure hardware cryptocurrency wallets. 

Featuring an increased capacity to install up to 100 crypto apps, USB Type-C, and Bluetooth connectivity for managing your assets on-to-go. 

Engineered with a special certified security chip that is employed on high-end security solutions, as well as a custom OS to ensure the maximum security for your digital assets.

With Ledger your you are getting a hardware wallet equipped with the highest security standards in the industry in a compact form factor designed to accompany and secure your every transaction.

To learn more about the cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger’s wallets visit this link.

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Or check out this great tutorial video: