Trezor Model T

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🥰 This is the wallet that we love and use 🥰

The Trezor Model T is designed to be a premium next-generation, multi-purpose cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

Featuring cutting edge encryption technology, the Model T will serve as a universal vault to securely store, manage and authorize your cryptocurrency assets. 

The Trezor is entirely open source - both the software AND the hardware. This means that security researchers all over the world are constantly auditing the code and looking for any vulnerabilities.

We have a writeup here on some of the reasons for us using the Trezor, as well as how to harden your Trezor security even further if you really want to get paranoid about security:

Visit the Trezor website for the complete list of cryptocurrencies that are officially supported.

For help setting up your device, check out our complete guide article here.

Or check out this video: