Trezor Model T

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The Trezor Model T is designed to be a premium next-generation, multi-purpose cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

Featuring cutting edge encryption technology, the Model T will serve as a universal vault to securely store, manage and authorize your cryptocurrency assets. 

The Model T improves upon the previous Trezor One with a faster processor, as well as a redesigned touchscreen with a streamlined interface. This allows you to verify and authenticate all actions in a secure, offline environment to protect your assets from potential hackers, keyloggers, and other malicious software attempting to access your data. 

Protect your cryptocurrency assets with industry-leading security measures with the Trezor Model T. 

Made in the Czech Republic by cryptography experts, the Trezor Model T is universally compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. Visit the Trezor website for the complete list of cryptocurrencies that are officially supported.